P&R Companies - Plumbing and Heating

Human Resources Department


Since 2010, we have built a team of professionals able to handle standard plumbing and heating installations with precision and care, to tackling complex plumbing and HVAC projects with creativity and expertise.

P&R Companies is looking for people who pride themselves on quality and continual improvement. We proudly employ union tradesmen and women in our local area. Our team’s workmanship has left its mark across the Northland and beyond.

Between the combined strength of our tradesmen and management staff, we professionally deliver any project expectations. From bid spec to design-build and consulting, we have the expertise to assist or spearhead a project to completion.

Because we believe in building and improving the areas where we live, we continually seek opportunities to develop.

We offer a competitive wage structure, 401(k), health insurance, paid holidays and PTO.

We’re out to improve the Northland and beyond. Are you up for the challenge?

Be sure to check back for openings.